EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set review

emax ez pilot pro fpv drone set for kids and adult beginners with real 58g goggles and controller easy to fly quadcopter 1


We were excited to test out the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set for both kids and adults who are new to flying drones. The product promised to be easy to learn to fly, and we were curious to see if this would be true. In this review, we’ll provide an overview of the drone set and the target audience for the product.

Overview of EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set

The EMAX EZ Pilot Pro is a quadcopter drone set that comes with a controller and goggles. The drone is designed to be easy to use and comes with a detachable goggle screen that can be used as a monitor or attached to the goggles for a true FPV experience. The frame is also designed to be durable and flexible for maximum durability. This drone set promises to be perfect for all ages.

Target audience for the product

This drone set is ideal for both kids and adult beginners who want to learn how to fly drones. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants to try out FPV, or first-person-view, flying. The set promises to be easy to learn, so it’s great for anyone who is interested in flying a drone but hasn’t had much experience.


We compiled reviews from different users to see how their experiences were with this drone set.

One user mentioned that it took a few minutes to get the switches in the right order to get the drone armed and flying. But after only 15 minutes of unpacking, they had it flying around the room. They suggested buying more batteries to keep flying.

Another user initially had trouble with the FPV goggles being blurry, but they found a solution by wearing reading glasses. They also found that mounting the screen to the controller was a much better way to experience FPV. They noted that the controller and beta flight program gave them greater control and customization options for the drone.

However, battery life was not the best, but the user found after-market batteries to increase flight time. Overall, they rated it 4/5 stars because of the low battery life and goggle issue with glasses, but they gained a star back due to the versatility of the controller and the ability to program it.

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A couple of other users mentioned that they love this drone set and are learning fast. One user even said that the drone was strong enough to allow them to make mistakes and improve over time. They highly recommend this drone set for anyone who is new to flying drones and wants to get into FPV.


Overall, the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set is a great option for beginners who are interested in flying drones and trying out FPV. The drone is easy to use and customizable, and the controller and goggles are flexible in their use. The drone set may not have the best battery life or initial set up, but they can be easily remedied with after-market batteries and a bit of reading. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable drone set to learn FPV, the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro is a great option.

Durability and Design

Discussion of the frame and durability

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a drone is its durability. We are happy to say that the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set has a strong and flexible frame that ensures maximum durability. According to one satisfied customer, this drone has survived multiple crashes on concrete and still works perfectly fine. Their review confirms the drone’s durability, and we agree that it is long-lasting.

Details of the flexible frame

The EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set is designed with a durable and flexible frame that can withstand various types of crashes. This is great for beginners who are still learning to fly. With a flexible frame, they can fly confidently without worrying that a single crash might ruin their drone. Based on the feedback we’ve received, this feature has helped many newcomers gain confidence in their flights.

Pros and cons of the design

One customer reported that the detachable goggle screen was disappointing because it was blurry and could not be adjusted enough. However, they discovered that it could be attached to the controller instead for a better experience. Another concern raised about the drone is its battery life, which is considered “meh” at best, but can easily be remedied by purchasing additional batteries.

On the bright side, customers have praised the drone’s versatility and ease of use. The betaflight program is easy to learn, and its controller offers plenty of equipment that can be used for future drones. Additionally, our product has been successful in introducing beginners to FPV. Overall, the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set receives 4/5 stars because of its great design and durability, although it could improve in terms of battery life and goggle integration.

EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set for Kids and Adult Beginners with Real 5.8g Goggles and Controller Easy to Fly Quadcopter

Ease of Use

Discussion of the ease of learning to fly

One of the standout features of the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set is how easy it is to learn to fly. Multiple reviews mentioned that they were able to get the drone in the air within minutes of unboxing it. The drone’s simplicity makes it an excellent choice for beginners and kids alike who may not have any experience with drones.

Details of the different flight modes

The drone comes with three different flight modes: Angle, Horizon, and Air. Angle mode keeps the drone even and prevents flipping, while Horizon mode still self-levels but allows users to perform flips and rolls. Air mode gives complete control to the user. With these different modes, users can gradually transition to flying the drone with more autonomy.

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Possibility of upgrade and customization

Several reviews mentioned how the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set can be upgraded with different batteries, controllers, and goggles. For those who want to take their drone experience to the next level, upgrading and customizing could bring new features and capabilities. One user mentioned how they upgraded to a Mobula 7 1s to perform more advanced maneuvers.

Overall, we can attest that the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set is an incredibly easy-to-use drone. With its different flight modes and upgrade possibilities, users will be able to learn to fly and gradually improve their skills.

EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set for Kids and Adult Beginners with Real 5.8g Goggles and Controller Easy to Fly Quadcopter

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Real Time FPV Feed

Explanation of the real time FPV feed feature

The EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set offers a real time FPV feed through its detachable goggle screen or monitor attachment. This feature allows users to view the drone’s flight path and surroundings from a first person point-of-view.

Details on the detachable goggle screen

Some users have reported issues with the detachable goggle screen, such as blurry images and difficulty wearing glasses while using the goggles. However, the good news is that the mounting for the screen can also be used on the controller, providing a good alternative for those who experience issues with the goggles.

Discussion of the quality of video transmission

While there have been some reported issues with the goggles, the overall quality of the video transmission has been praised by users. The real time FPV feed provides a clear and immersive experience, allowing users to easily navigate the drone and perform aerial maneuvers with confidence.

Overall, the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set is a great option for beginners who want to try out FPV flying without breaking the bank. While there have been some reported issues with the goggles, the drone itself is durable and flexible, perfect for users of all ages. With the ability to adjust the drone’s settings through betaflight and the included controller equipment, users can customize their experience further and even use the drone as a platform for future customization.

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Batteries and Flight Time

Details of the battery connection and controller transmitter

The EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that connects to the controller transmitter using a standard charging cable. The controller includes a monitoring system which displays the battery life of the drone. The charging time is approximately 20 minutes and even if it’s said that it is great that you can charge up to six batteries at once, it may be inconvenient to have multiple batteries continuously charging in one spot. The controller transmitter is intuitive with simple controls that allow you to quickly fly your drone with ease.

Explanation of battery life and flight time

As per the reviews, the flight time is relatively short, around 3.5 minutes, which may be a limiting factor for some users. However, the short battery life is somewhat compensated by the drone’s quick recharge time, which allows for longer flight sessions with multiple batteries. It should be noted that the flight time depends on the throttle usage and other factors such as weather conditions and wind speed.

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Recommendations for aftermarket batteries

To extend your flight time, you may want to consider purchasing aftermarket batteries that provide longer battery life. This could help to ensure longer and uninterrupted flight sessions. It is always good to read reviews and look out for batteries that are compatible with the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set. Also, keep in mind that aftermarket batteries come with some tradeoffs and are not always the best choice. Make an informed decision and go for a reliable brand with good reviews and a proven track record.

EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set for Kids and Adult Beginners with Real 5.8g Goggles and Controller Easy to Fly Quadcopter

User Reviews

Summary of user reviews

We were pleased to discover that most users generally recommend the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set. Many mentioned that it is an ideal drone for beginners, as it is easy to fly and very durable. Users also mentioned that the drone is perfect for all ages, making it suitable for young children and adults.

Discussion of common pros and cons mentioned by users

One of the most common cons mentioned by users is the poor battery life of the drone. Several users suggested purchasing extra batteries for longer flight times. Another issue that some users experienced was the blurry FPV feed while using the goggles. However, it is possible to attach the screen to the controller for a clearer view. On the positive side, users appreciated the versatility of the drone, which allowed for easy programming and adjustments. The controller and the screen mounting options were also praised.

Explanation of the most mentioned features by users

Users loved the durability of the drone and the fact that it held up even after several crashes. The drone also gave beginners plenty of room for mistakes, which users found reassuring. Many users appreciated the easy setup process and the fact that they were flying the drone within fifteen minutes of unpacking it. Lastly, users enjoyed the fun and immersive nature of flying the drone, particularly with the FPV goggles, which made them feel as though they were inside the drone itself.

Overall, we found that users had positive experiences with the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set, with the main drawbacks being the short battery life and the blurry FPV feed. However, the drone’s durable design and ease of use would make it an excellent choice for beginners.

EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set for Kids and Adult Beginners with Real 5.8g Goggles and Controller Easy to Fly Quadcopter

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Overall Evaluation of EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set

We were quite impressed with the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set. The drone is extremely easy to handle compared to others in its size. The frame design is durable, able to withstand numerous crashes, and quite flexible for optimal durability. We were excited to see a detachable goggle feature that allows the user to view the drone movement in real-time either as a monitor or through goggles for an even more immersive experience.

Recommendation for the Target Audience

We highly recommend this drone set to first-time pilots who are eager to try their hand at FPV drone racing. It is an affordable and easy-to-use drone set that will enable inexperienced pilots to learn the basics of flying without too much difficulty. Also, it is perfect for all ages, making it a great gift for kids or adults who love technology.

Final Remarks

While the EMAX EZ Pilot Pro FPV Drone Set was a great buy, battery life was an issue, with flight duration hovering between three to four minutes. We would recommend purchasing extra batteries for a more extended flight time. Also, some users complained that the goggles were blurry, which made it impossible to adjust sufficiently to work correctly. However, the screen attached to the controller was good enough to compensate. As a whole, this drone set is a great buy that any beginner will love.

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